Whether you go for a few months or a year, our Miami guide will prepare you well for life in the most popular city in South Florida. Here are the ten things you should know before living in Miami.

Get ready for moisture

Unfortunately, frizzy hair is not the only problem that causes air humidity. The city of Miami is prone to floods and storms during hurricane season. From June to November, you should pay attention to the local weather forecast while enjoying the summer heat and prepare for any bad weather alerts.

And for the air conditioning

It does not matter if it was a scorching heat, that will not happen inside the door! Miami residents love air conditioning as much as their permanent tan. Outside you will be fine with a t-shirt and sunglasses, but you will need one more layer of clothes in the offices, classrooms, movie theaters or shops; Most likely, the air conditioner looks like an Arctic gale.

You can speak Spanish

Miami is tremendously multicultural. You may go there to improve your English, but you can also make yourself understood in Spanish, since 60% of Miami residents speak it too.

Search department

If you go as a student, your school will have an accommodation department that will help you find a place to live. If you are not going to live with a host family or a residence, the most affordable thing in Miami is to share an apartment, so look for friends who want to live in the same part of the city or get in touch with your classmates through a Facebook group or a group organized by the school to find roomies.



There is no subway. People move with the networks of Metrorail (rather a monorail), Metrobus and Metromover (tram type). Metromover is free to use, while for Metrorail and Metrobus you must use an EASYCard, which is recharged in advance. Are you worried about losing your very important EASYCard? No problem: you can also use the EASYPay application. You can drive for 30 days with your foreign driver’s license if you are a student, or 12 months if you are a tourist. If you want more time, you will have to pass the American driving test. But Miami is reputed to have bad traffic, so it will probably be better if you use public transportation or that you travel on foot or by bicycle.


The sales tax in Miami is 7% and is not usually included in the prices seen on the labels of the items. Do not be surprised if when paying for the items they are more expensive than you expected, and remember when planning your expenses.


The United States visa system is one of the most complicated in the world. If you travel as a student, the company you travel with or your school can help you. Most likely, you should visit the US embassy in your country to pass an interview and present your identification documents and your academic record.

Where to go out

With its golden sands, fancy restaurants and elegant bars and clubs, South Beach is equally popular with tourists, locals and celebrities. If you want to know the Cuban atmosphere of Miami, go dance Little Havanna salsa. The business district of downtown Miami is for the more urban, who take work and leisure with the same intensity. On the other hand, the most creative love the Design District, full of studios, galleries and art exhibitions. Whatever your wave, you will find a place for you.

Applications for day to day in Miami

Install Lyft and Uber to order a car or a shared trip from the phone. Download GrubHub and PostMates so that the food from your favorite restaurants is brought directly to your door. Instagram should already be on your phone, for obvious reasons, but there are image editing applications, such as VSCO, that can make your Miami snapshots stand out considerably. The function of Google Translate to translate using the camera can also be very useful if you have difficulty reading a menu or a signal.

People are late

It may be because of the terrible traffic in the city or because the sunny weather makes people very carefree, but in Miami everything goes with some delay. Although one thing is certain, regardless of whether you are waiting for your friends to have a coffee or that it takes a long time to bring your food to a restaurant, it is not the worst place in the world to take things easy