Today in my batch of summaries about Miami I will make a selection of restaurants that I have tried and I dare to recommend all kinds and for all budgets. I advise you to take a look at the websites for price-oriented and exact location, days that open, and so on. Many of them have individual posts in Loving Miami.

I don’t have too many photos because my desktop comes with the move … I hope you still like it!

One of the trendy Mexicans is Cantina La twenty in Brickell. In the same area are Il Gabiano or Cipriani, sophisticated Italians and always full of people. Zuma is undoubtedly in the area, the Japanese restaurant with the most famous views of Miami where it is almost impossible to find a table. Another Jap  more affordable, less chic, but eats fear in that area is Obba Sushi. But if I have to stay with a Japanese restaurant, it would certainly be Key Biscayne: Kazumi.

Returning to Brickell but changing to Peruvian cuisine, we have Coya , a highly-quoted and exclusive international restaurant-club. For me, Francesco’s is great and not so expensive or modern and good, the one at Key Biscayne caught me a stone’s throw away. Ceviche 101 is very famous and Jorge likes it a lot.

My favorite Greek without a doubt is Mandolin . It has a lot of charm! It is in the Design district area . In Miami Beach, the Greek Yuvia has the best views in the area.

On Lincoln Road, I went to a Cuban restaurant for the first time . I fell in love with chicken! My political family was excited because they have a Cuban family and know that kitchen well. It’s called Havana 1969 and the decoration looks like you’re moving to those years. It is curious but I have not gone to any of the eight street where they say that the coffee from the stalls you buy from the street is unbeatable.

In Miami Beach I lose Casa Tua, Cecconi’s, Bianca or Klima.

Other restaurants that I liked for quality / price , for example, are La gloutonnerie in Miami Beach, Pascale on Ponce and Abbracci in Coral Gables. Lively and reasonably priced are the restaurants of the Spanish Carlos Galán , Dolores Lolita, super-tempered near Mary Brickell, Love is Blind in Coral Gables and Crazy About You with stunning views of the sea.

Beat meats

The best meats can be Meat Market or One Prime Twelve or Smith & Wollensky or The Forge in Miami Beach and Puerto Madero in Brickell.

The best fish

 in CasaBlanca, on the river, or in La Dorada in Coral Gables. By the way, La Dorada is one of the Spanish restaurants that I like most in Miami, yes, you have to appreciate it and pay it, and when you live there it deserves, and much, worth it. Other Spaniards that I liked are El Rincón Asturiano or Tapas de Rosa. I have great memories in Barceloneta and Perfect that are also very lively. But I have many left to try …

In shopping centers , the restaurants that I liked are Mariposa, in Merrick Park, Carpaccio and the Japanese whose name I don’t remember from Bal Harbor. Also Luna Negra in Aventura Mall.

To go with your family or in a tourist plan , Houston’s ribs are super recommended, or the Argentine Novecento. In family you also have to know  CheeseCake Factory. And of the best burgers I’ve had in my life, the Five Guys and the Shake Shack, and as fun, the Johnny Rockets burger.

The best Sunday brunch I’ve had in Miami is the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne and the Biltmore hotel in Coral Gables.