Downtown Miami is one of those mandatory stops you will have on your trip to Miami. Regardless of how long your trip lasts, you will almost certainly end up in the central part of the city at some point, so you better be prepared for when that time comes.

In this article we tell you everything you need to know about the Downtown Miami neighborhood: we tell you what you can do there, our favorite options in terms of accommodation, restaurants, and places to shop. Do not lose detail and welcome once again to the definitive insider guide about Downtown Miami!

Where is Downtown Miami located?

Downtown Miami, as the name implies, is located in downtown Miami. This area, which is about 20 minutes from Miami International Airport, divides the Brickell neighborhood of Wynwood, and is also the easiest way to get to Miami Beach. The easiest way to get around Downtown Miami is through the various Metromover stations you’ll see around the area. Its services are not only easy to use, but also completely free.

How can I see Downtown Miami?

How can I see Downtown Miami?

Touring Downtown Miami is very easy. In this section we want to tell you what are the main points of interest that you cannot miss. Don’t worry if you can’t see them all in one day, because it’s completely normal. But first of all, we tell you what is the best way to get to downtown Miami from different parts of the city.

If the place you are staying in is located in Brickell or in Downtown Miami itself, then our recommendation is to leave the car at home, since the price of parking in the center is quite high.

If you are staying in Little Havana, Wynwood, Miami Beach or other parts of Miami, the best idea is to take a car-sharing service, such as Uber or Lyft. Once you arrive in Miami Downtown, the points of interest are close to each other and you don’t need to drive.

If you have no choice but to drive, then we recommend that you put the “Bayside Marketplace” parking lot as your “arrival point” in your browser. There is an internal parking lot on the Bayside Marketplace that costs approximately $ 6 an hour (the exact rate depends on the day and time, and can be seen outside the parking lot).

The route begins at Bayside Park, which is a very beautiful park where many city events take place, such as races, craft or food fairs, and other shows. Bayside Park is a nice place to have a good time with children, because there are many shady tree areas, tables for those who want to picnic, and areas with swings.

Walking through the Bayside Marketplace you will find many shops, bars and restaurants. It is from here where you can take a boat trip to get to know Miami from the water. A little later in the article we tell you what tours are available to do from Bayside Marketplace, but we anticipate that our favorite is that of the homes of famous Miami !

At the Miami Bayside Marketplace, you will have many restaurant options. The most popular places are usually the typical chains of the place, such as Bumba Gump, Five Guys and Hooter. In addition to typical American food, we recommend you try some Cuban food. Be careful with the subject of the account and watch if they have included the tip in the price or not!

Leaving the Bayside Marketplace area a bit, we can walk a little in the direction of the great AmericanAirlines Arena, the Miami Heat stadium and host of many city events. Singers such as Shakira, Beyoncé, Pitt Bull, Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry have passed through its doors.

Next, we go in the direction of the big giant ball that marks the center of Miami. Here is the Miami Science Museum , or Phillip & Patricia Museum of Science in English. If you like the subject of science and astrology, we recommend that you go through the museum.

After the Miami Science Museum, the next stop we propose is the Pérez Art Museum Miami , or PAMM. If modern and contemporary art is your thing, you will love this museum. It has works by artists from all over the world, and the views you have from there are amazing. In fact, if you can have a wine or a coffee in the museum’s restaurant, do it. 100% recommendable!

What can be done in Downtown Miami?

We could spend hours talking about everything that can be done in Downtown Miami. Perhaps the most important is to know that it is very important that you book in advance the activities or tours that you want to do, unless you have a tourist pass offered by the city of Miami. One of the many advantages of having a tourist pass is , of course, the economic savings involved, which is 50% in some cases,  and the fact that you do not need to book any activity in advance . Simply simply go the day you want at the time you want to the activity you choose. We leave you our article with the comparison of the best tourist passes – also called Miami Pass – so you can choose the one that best suits you.